Instagram for Beginners

Set up, brand and use Instagram to present your products and services to your customers in the most effective way.


About this Event

Why you should join in…

This workshop will be interactive with a maximum of 12 people attending, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to create a fabulous Instagram account with personal guidance.

It will be perfect for you if you’re not using Instagram yet for your business, or you are using it, but not in a professional way.

The session covers:

  • Creating and building your Instagram business account, including your bio, web links and page features, such as ‘highlights’.
  • Showcasing your business story and its personality, including branding your page.
  • Sharing relevant and creative content and designing the look and features of a fabulous ‘grid’.
  • Developing an audience by understanding how to use hashtags and @mention tags effectively.
  • Using stories, highlights, video and a shop to enhance your use of Instagram and raise awareness of your brand.

By the end of the session…

  • You’ll have a beautifully branded Instagram account – or understand fully how to create one.
  • You’ll be competent at posting relevant, interesting and creative material that showcases your services or products and the personality of your business.
  • You’ll be confident to build an audience and make it clear what you’re offering to them.

Fee: £40+vat


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