‘Entrepreneurs’ well-being’ workshop at King’s College London, 2nd July

Dear Colleagues,

at King’s College London we are organising a well-being workshop on 2nd July which may be of interest to you and your entrepreneur contacts.

The workshop will explore how entrepreneurs can thrive, be resilient and achieve ‘happiness’ both professionally and privately. Participants will take away insights on how to recognize stressors and develop strategies to manage their well-being.  It will mix the latest research insights about entrepreneurs’ well-being with practical ‘tips and tricks’.

Those attending will learn how to spot drains on their well-being early so that they can mitigate them, and build a personalised strategy to help them thrive. There will also be networking opportunities and the chance to share personal experiences of, and strategies for, balancing work-life demands. The workshop is highly relevant for entrepreneurs but also for members of organisations supporting them as they will be able to aid business owners in their pursuit of happiness. We are also open for future collaboration including providing tailored workshops for specific groups of entrepreneurs. 

The event is free of charge, and we would be delighted if you or a colleague could attend.  Please view our event page to register or for further information. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more details. I would also be grateful if you could share the event details with your network either by email or via your organisations newsletter or social media channels, so that as many entrepreneurs as possible can benefit from what should be a very practical and useful workshop.

Kind regards,
Przemek Zbierowski