take stock exchange – You, Me, the World and Redbridge

Some exciting news:

we are doing our first ever public performance as take stock exchange – and we would love you to join us.

You, Me, the World and Redbridge

Over the past few months people in Redbridge having been sharing their stories with us.
Stories about love, struggle, violence and care.
Stories about painting, chocolate and really big rocks.
Stories about identity, survival and hope.

We work usually only do performances made especially for the community groups we work with… but this year we’ve teamed
up with Redbridge Drama Centre to share our work with everyone else!

So, please join us for an hour and a bit of storytelling that explores what it is to live in Redbridge, in London, in
the UK, in Europe, on Planet Earth, in the universe… in 2017.

8pm 4th May  
Redbridge Drama Centre

You can book tickets here
(they’re cheap as chips!)

AND there’s a half price discount for our friends with the code: takestock.

Come along, bring your friends, bring your family and we’ll see you there!

Nick & Olly