Time banks in Redbridge by Sophia Hubs

How Timebanks can help Redbridge businesses in very practical ways Tues 20 Oct 5.30pm with Enterprise Desk and Sophia Hubs

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Good news for Redbridge businesses!  You are invited to an event to find out about Timebanks and how the sharing economy can help your business and the local money economy! 🙂

Tuesday 20th October 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm at Ilford Central Library. This is being organised at Enterprise Desk in partnership with Sophia Hubs entrepreneur’s club.

Join us to discover how ECHO (a London business Timebank) can help you save money, grow your business and expand your networks and meet Seven Kings Timebank users. The Seven Kings Timebank is the Redbridge community Timebank (part of the Echo Network) and start-ups will share how they have used the Timebank for their benefit.

Echo is an Economy of Hours: a marketplace without the money. Members buy and sell their skills, services and resources, using a currency called Echoes. The exchange rate couldn’t be easier: 1 hour = 1 Echo. The network of 2000+ members includes skilled professionals, startups,  SMEs, charities and large businesses, and they’re trading everything from accountancy and graphic design to business planning and desk space.

Sarah Henderson from ECHO will be presenting how the ECHO Timebank is taking off.  For more information visit the Echo website.  To see a few recent Seven Kings Timebank transactions for start-ups click here help with Linked in … skills share – accounts and website help, and a community skills share event.

Please book your place here and feel free to bring along others. This is a good news story we want to share!