An Interview with Chamber Member – Darren Taylor

Following our interviews with Chamber members our next victim is Darren Taylor of AlwaysInspired.  

Darren has been a member for the last two years and last year joined the Executive and looks after the website as well as helping out with other function.

My first question to him was to ask how long ago he started his business and what motivated him to start.

Over the years, what changes have there been to your job, was the next question that I asked him, to which he replied.

“The un-relenting progression in technology, the need for instant information and the hunger for innovative ways to market a clients’ product has changed how I work now from how we worked in 1990. No longer do you get the luxury of a weeks’ lead time for projects and being able to dictate to clients when they can expect delivery. It is now lead by the speed of the internet and the skills required to give what your client needs almost instantly.

Skills have definitely changed through time, from having to do most of my work on a drawing board to now logging onto my smartphone to upload websites!

Another slow change is from the demand for design for print to web design, every company has a website now from the sole trader to the multi-nationals and they all need designing and maintaining, and my skill set has changed with this movement from print to web”.

How do you see the future of your industry and what do you see are going to be the major changes, I then asked him.

“The way we seek information has already changed from printed material to the internet, and now the way we seek information has dramatically changed to websites on mobile devices. So I guess the amount of websites that I am asked to create will increase against design for conventional print. I do believe, however the demand for printed materials will slowly make a comeback as many people do prefer to have something physical to read rather than electronic”.

Having been a member of The Chamber for the last couple of years, and now part of the Executive, what are the benefits that The Chamber has given to you and your business?

“I was extremely proud to be asked to join the Executive committee of the RCoC where I hope my expertise in marketing and web development can help the Chamber ‘future-proof’ their aspirations going forward.

The benefits of being a member not only includes being able to market my own business to other members during networking events, but being able to share information to members about the constant changes in web based technology and marketing, like Google, Twitter and Facebook platforms for advertising.

I also enjoy the breakfast meetings that always have a spark of debate with valuable guest speakers, and I do enjoy the full-English too”!

Finally, I asked him where he would like to see himself both personally and in business, to which he replied.

“I believe every business should have a plan on where they see themselves in 5 years’ time, I certainly planned to grow year on year and try to expand within my means, and only recently have had to move into bigger premises due to expansion, which sits very well into my 5 year plan.

In 10 years’ time, well I think that’s’ a little harder to call. Ide’ like to say that I was able to have so much work that Freelance changed into a Design Agency employing staff, but for now, considering the current economic climate, I’m glad to be doing what I’m doing”.

With that he rose to say that the interview was over and he had to go and attend to the minor matters of earning a living and keeping his clients happy.